From The Heart. Vol 2 (3rd Anniversary Vinyl)

From The Heart. Vol 2 (3rd Anniversary Vinyl)

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Celebrate the three year anniversary of Chris Patrick's From The Heart, Vol. 2 with this first edition gold colored vinyl. 

Chris Patrick is one of the hottest new stars in the hip-hop/R&B scene. Hailing from New Jersey, Patrick prides himself on a diverse catalog, flaunting an ability to sing and rap with effortless talent.

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Patrick has made a name for himself being featured with the movers and shakers of the industry (Complex, Billboard, AllHipHop, Pitchfork, et al.).

Selected as an official 2023 SXSW artist, Chris Patrick is set to tour relentlessly throughout the country on the backs on a new album. However, his fans gravitate to where it all began.

For a limited time a special three year anniversary edition of From The Heart, Vol. 2 vinyl is available to order in a gold variant.